Graduate Research

There are several methods for analyzing the statistics of a random ordinary differential equation. In this paper, we compare two spectral methods’ ability to capture the statistics for a solution to the classic 1963 Lorenz system with random initial conditions.


The document Finite Element Solvers: A MATLAB and FEniCS Review provides a brief introduction and tutorial on solving 2 and 3 dimensional Poisson and Heat Equation problems using software packages for MATLAB and FEniCS (Python).



Undergraduate Research

As an undergraduate, I assisted in research with Professor of Mathematics Ken Golden and Professor of Atmospheric Science Courtney Strong. As a part of his research group, we studied sea ice floes in a multi-scale framework. There, I focused on analyzing the Marginal Ice Zone from a macroscopic viewpoint.


Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) Ice Concentration


Some of my other miscellaneous projects includes a review of rogue wave research and my own algorithm for computing nth roots. You can find them here:

Rogue Waves Review

Nth Root Approximations


I’ve written several research papers in the political science. These topics range from environmental policy to international political theory (files to be added).

Agricultural Sustainability